Canadian Fleet Services has a full service transport division which allows us to serve all of our customers’ needs.

This gives us the ability to pick up vehicles quickly and efficiently anywhere in North America; including internal transfer of assets.  Our experienced, professional logistics coordinators understand the importance of communication and will document and communicate any challenges accordingly.

  • Our drivers are professionals, and their experience in auto transport is second to none.
  • Our transports are fully insured
  • We can quote a rate, or give you information about your vehicles delivery, in short order.

When you ship your car or truck with Canadian Fleet Services, you will save money.  Why pay high commissions to transport brokers when you don’t have to?  Make the smart choice… call us direct and eliminate the expenses of a middleman.


We are centrally located in Winnipeg Manitoba and provide a 6 acre fenced secure compound.

If you have a vehicle(s) that require short term storage while awaiting sale or to be redistributed.

Our network and partnerships within Canada and  the United States will allow us to serve your needs throughout North America.

Let our experience work for you

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